Warrior Trading is a day trading platform and educational resource created by Ross Cameron in 2012.  A service that boasts over 500,000 subscribers and 5000 premium members, Warrior Trading is one of the largest trading communities online today.  Boasting a site stocked with webinars, chat rooms, trading simulators, courses, and even hosting ‘inner circle’ conferences (this year in Orlando), it’s not hard to see why many traders and investors are drawn to this service.  Read on to see if this is a service you need to be a part of!

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Overall Rating:

  • Strong chat room community with veteran mentors and members
  • Personal mentoring offered by industry leading traders
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    Mentors cover many different trading vehicles to suit anyone's preference 
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    Winners of ‘Best Educators’ in Benzinga Fintech awards
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    Fantastic blog and YouTube content
  • No trial period access to chat rooms

  • Almost an overwhelming amount of educational content

So How Did It All Get Started?

 Cameron got his first taste of investing during the dot com bubble of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Similar to millions of other investors he suffered massive losses when the bubble popped and the NASDAQ began it’s massive bear run early in the year 2000.  

 As an investor he re-focused and painstakingly learned all aspects of fundamental or ‘top down' analysis, perfecting his ability to predict market movements.  Cameron combined his knowledge with technical indicators and has since designed and built multiple trading algorithms which aid him to this day.  With his new approach he famously turned $583 into $100,000 within 44 days, with a public (to members) trade history.

Ross has created Warrior Trading to provide traders with the educational material and personalized support that teach each trader about the products, instruments, and methods he uses in order to make consistent profits in day trading.

No matter how many videos, webinars, or courses a site offers, they are truly judged on the quality of their professional traders.  In the next section we will learn about the mentors that look over this massive and successful trading community.  

The Mentors - Who Are They, And How Do They Trade?

Ross Cameron head trader at warrior trader
Mike Herman a professional trader at warrior trading
Jeff Foster a lead options trader and mentor at warrior trading

Ross Cameron

As the creator and the head trading mentor, his knowledge of the day trading strategies used are second to none. You can have direct access to Ross via his blog posts, webinars and YouTube tutorials, but personalized advice and in depth trading strategies are limited to the paid membership packages.

Ross primarily day trades on small market cap / low float stocks that experience large intra-day moves following news releases or market wide events. Ross is in and out of most of his trades in under an hour, and tends to trade during mid morning where he has found the highest volume of trades are made.  Gap plays and using momentum indicators are his go to in day trading.  Ross will also occasionally swing trade (insert link explaining swing trading) when the opportunity arises.  He does offer some very helpful in free end of day analysis, but saves the best knowledge, information, and software tools for premium members.

Mike Herman

Joining in as an independent trader seven years ago, Mike concentrates on the larger cap stocks.  He frequently trades higher profile stocks such as Tesla or Facebook. Using his background in Venture Capital he provides good insight (mainly through chatrooms, he is not as active as Ross in YouTube or blog material) on what is moving the markets.  Mike trades these large cap high volume stocks using technical analysis.  He focuses on daily support and resistance levels to help him make winning trades, and prefers to trade higher than average volume movements due to news releases or earnings reports.

Jeff Foster

WIth nine years trading experience, and three years working as an option trader / mentor, Jeff Foster adds huge value to the Warrior Trading team.  Jeff’s helps his traders understand how to use risk management tools and how derivatives can help to optimise trading, increase profits and limit losses.  Jeff runs the Swing Trade Warrior which provides a wealth of educational tools, chatrooms and YouTube content.


As you can see Warrior Trading has you covered for almost any type of trade.  Small cap, Large cap, and Options, all in one place.  Explore all three mentors via youtube and blog posts to see which best suits your goals and style.

Educational Resources - What Does Warrior Trading Offer?

The education Warrior Trading provides is designed to equip traders with a full spectrum of technical analysis based trading strategies.  The strategies can be broken into three distinct areas, identification - execution - recap.  When combined, these will give traders confidence to execute a profitable trade.  There is free education available on their YouTube channel and live weekly webinars.  The blogs that are published daily give great insight into market movements and the actions of the top traders.


Warrior Trading is looking to trade price volatility provided there is enough volume in the market to allow access to the identified security.  A live stream to the Warrior Trading Stock Scanner is provided to members to help identify the stocks that meet the volatility and volume requirements.

After finding a suitable stock to trade, it is time to analyze it to either approve or reject the trade idea.  Warrior Trading has a comprehensive strategy to apply many technical indicators and signals to decide if it is a worthwhile trade.  A few things the Warrior Trading team looks at (but not all) include:  Momentum, Bull/Bear trend confirmation, Gapping moves, and Continuation or Reversal patterns.  See below for an example of how the Warrior Trading team identifies potential trades with 'Gappers' and gaps.


Warrior Trading emphasizes the importance of trade sizing and risk management, allowing the trader to maximize profits and minimize losses. There is some great material on the blog and on the YouTube content about this step and how to use indicators as confirmation tools.

Trading Performance Recap

A huge part of the Warrior Trading mantra is to understand why you made a profit or loss and accurately track your progress and growth as a trader.  With Warrior Trading you keep track of a few key indicators such as your profit/loss ratio, winning / losing trade ratio, accuracy of indicators, and stop loss positioning.

You will get different levels of analytical tools and technical indicators based on your membership level, but the education foundations and goals remain the same regardless of membership tier.  See the below video for an example of the daily trade recap.

What are the Warrior Trading Chat Rooms like?

You can have access to the Warrior Trading chat rooms with either a month to month, quarterly, or annual membership.  As expected, the annual membership nets you access for the lowest monthly cost.  All chat room membership options give you the following services -

  • 3-5 Swing trade ideas per week
  • Text, Email, and Chat Room alerts
  • Daily hot stock watch list
  • Live streaming stock scanners
  • Access to the Warrior Trading proprietary news feed

If you choose the annual membership option, they sweeten the pot with the following three features -

  • Access to the HOD momo scanners (claimed $499 value)
  • Access to Gap Scanners (claimed $499 value)
  • Access to Trade Reporting documents (claimed $299 value)

Ross’s chatroom uses his live trade scanner, with Ross calling out potential trade setups as they unfold.  This trade scanner is shared with members via screen sharing.  The scanner uses indicators such as 5 min RSI, 15 min volume, number of consecutive ascending or descending candles, and relative volume to pick and choose stocks that are most likely to breakout or undergo a reversal.  Ross will call out trade setups, entries, and exits live as he executes trades and comes upon trade ideas throughout the day.

Trade ideas are proposed by both moderator and members, with several veteran members providing valuable stock picks in the chat.  Since the trading community is so large, sometimes on low volume stocks they have the ability to move stocks on their own as well.

Each lunch hour there is a daily review, which gives the best trade ideas and performance review metrics for members. 

What Membership Options Are Available?

Warrior Trading wants to tailor a trading program to you based on your trading experience.  It may seem confusing to determine what level you are at, but Warrior Trading makes it easy with a short Q&A style quiz that ask questions that vary in difficulty.

A few question examples:

Results of the quiz will guide the user toward the recommended education package providing a personal touch to the entire process.

After you have been steered to your recommended package, you will then choose from either Warrior Starter, Warrior Pro or the Warrior Inner Circle.

The three membership tiers available for warrior trading

Warrior Starter

This package is aimed at traders with little to no experience. The 30 membership includes chatroom access, trading simulator software, and several educational courses.  The courses focus on a few of the following points:

  • Identifying and executing on trade opportunities
  • Increasing your Win/Loss trade ratio
  • Finding and using a winning trading strategy
  • Avoiding common new trader pitfalls

Warrior Pro

This package is for more experienced traders that understand the basics of investing and trading and can jump right into day trading.  This package is for 90 days and includes everything in Warrior Starter as well 3 weekly mentor sessions.  Also, instead of courses, you get access to full trading systems.  They center around four trading styles: Day Trading, Swing Trading, Advanced Options Trading, and Advanced Scalp Trading

Warrior Inner Circle​​​​

This is Warrior Trading’s most coveted membership as access is through application only and is limited to 100 traders a year.  Near unlimited access to Ross Cameron and other mentors is offered through private Inner Circle chat rooms.  Also included in the price is opportunity to fly out and meet Ross and the Warrior Trading mentors twice per year.

 We suggest that you scan the Warrior Trading blog and youtube channel, as they have hundreds of videos uploaded that can give you an idea as to how things run once you have joined up.

What Are People Saying?

Recent reviews left on TrustPilot about the warrior trading service

Investors Play Bottom Line

Warrior Trading is a service that is suited for anyone from brand new investors to highly experienced day traders.  With a wealth of content that ranges from the educational content offered for a newcomer, to the one on one coaching for mid level traders, and finally to the elite offerings of the Inner Circle for experienced traders, Warrior Trading has something for everyone. 

What Steps Should I Take Now?

If you believe that you have a good trading foundation and are ready to jump right into the chat rooms and alert services, then the annual membership is the perfect place to begin.  This subscription will net you the lowest monthly cost compared to monthly or quarterly options.  Once you have subscribed we recommend the following steps - 

1.  Begin with following Ross in the chat rooms and explore other inner circle traders to find which style best suits you.

2.  Have a virtual account open with an outside provider (TD Thinkorswim is an example) and mirror trades for trade three traders you like.

3.  Track the Hot Stock list, focusing on the smaller market cap stocks as they can provide the best bang for your buck using day trading strategies.

4.  Speak to other traders in the chat room regarding the education material and decide which, if any, is the best for you going forward.  While all educational material provides value, no one has unlimited time, so you must prioritize your learning in order to achieve profitability as quickly as possibly.

Markets are unpredictable and are not always logical.  Small cap and penny stocks even more so than high volume NASDAQ or NYSE listed companies.  Exercise caution when trading and ensure that your stop losses are positioned well.  The number one goal of trading is capital preservation, with the number two goal being profits.  We think with teachings from Warrior Trading and advisement by their mentors you should be able to increase your profitability as a trader.