When it comes to investing in the stock market, everyone is looking for an advantage.

In some cases, using a stock picking service is just the advantage you may need, especially if you can’t dedicate 10-12 hours a day analyzing stocks.  

Jason Bond is a name that is almost synonymous with trading services.  Over the course of this Jason Bond Picks review article we will break down what his service is, and whether it is worth your time investing in it.

Chatroom Rating

Edu. Resources

Instructor Team

Value & Cost

Overall Rating:

  • Real time buy and sell email and text alerts for busy individuals who do not have access to computers 24/7
  • Trades of all styles (day, swing, long term) to support all trading preferences
  • Swing and Long Term trading quarterly subscription is high value option
  • Full access to his entire education suite designed with any membership option

  • Chat room filled with active traders and moderation for productive discussion

  • Two subscription options based on your budget and time available to trade

  • No free service or trial, upfront investment is required

  • Chatroom moderators or investors that while helpful, are no Jason Bond and are not why people pay to sign up

  • Millionaire Roadmap option has very high upfront cost

So Who Exactly Is Jason Bond?

Jason Bond is a self made millionaire via day and swing trading.  He was originally a public school teacher in New York for ten years who traded part time on the side.  After finding some success with a newsletter and finding that he wanted more in life than his $40,000 a year salary, he decided to begin trading full time, and in 2011 he started up his site and began offering trade alerts and teaching people how to trade.  

Since his sites’ inception he has made several people into millionaires, picked up celebrity endorsements, appeared on the trading show ‘Cheddar’, and most importantly added several high profile professional traders to his trading team.

Jason’s Promise:

When first entering Jason’s website, the first thing that draws your attention are his claims to “Make you a better trader in 90 days”.  This is a recurring theme on the website, that not only will you make significant returns on your money, but that you will learn how to trade better.  You do this by following Jason’s trade alerts, and by doing so learning his system.

I believe this is an important promise to make, as teaching someone a system helps free them from relying on alerts that several hundreds to thousands of people could be waiting on.  Having the ability to analyze stocks on your own and make picks is crucial and should not be discounted.  Only once you can trade Jason's system do I think you have a shot at replicating some of his results.

Jason's initial introductory pitch.  Follow his trades and learn his system to become a better trader

What Do Jason’s Services Consist Of?

Jason offers two membership options on his website, as well as a free email he sends out to prospective investors.  The email subscription will give you access to a limited number of weekly stock picks, as well as keep you alerted to any deals or sales on his services.  This is a zero risk option to get a small amount of insight into the service that I would highly recommend.  

Membership Option One: Swing & Long Term Trading

The first of his two paid programs is the Swing & Long-Term Trading service.  By signing up for this, you are guaranteed 10 swing trade alerts per week via text and email.  For each pick you will be provided with a buy alert, as well as a sell alert when Jason determines the trade ready to be closed.  Jason claims to have made over $400,000 dollars in four years with his swing trading strategy, which, to put in perspective he claims is more than he made in 10 years of teaching.  

Swing Trades

The first part of Jason's quarterly subscription option are his swing trades.  He will send you 5-10 targets per day that he is looking at.  He won't necessarily execute a trade on any or all of them, but this is to give you a heads up of what he is thinking before any trades are placed.  Once a buy order is issued, you will receive an email and text alert advising you to get on board.  The swing trades can be held anywhere from a day to several days, and once the trade is closed, you will receive a similar email/text alert telling you to close out your position.

On top of the stock picks Jason also promises to answer any and all inquires from his members in order to keep a personal touch. 

Example of the email and text alerts you will receive whenever Jason makes trade

An example of the email and text alerts sent to the Jason Bond Picks subscribers

Here is an example of how Jason goes about his daily wrap ups.  He will go through winners and losers, and give reasons as to why trades either worked out or did not.

Long Term Trades

In addition to the short term swing trades, Jason promises to send you several long term trades, catering to busy individuals who are not able to act on swing trade notifications at any time during the day.  These stocks are high volume stocks being held for weeks or months.  Bonds claims he targets up to 30% returns on these long term stocks.  For these picks you do not need to rely on quick action and precise selling.  If you can only check your phone or trading platform once or twice a day, you will not have to worry about missing an opportunity with Jason's long term trades.  

A weekly watch list is published every Sunday to show you where Bonds and his team is looking to invest their money for that week.  On top of Jason’s long term picks, you will also be given access to view the activity and holdings of Jeff Bishop's ETF account.

Trading Chatroom

Also included in the subscription is a well laid out, efficiently moderated chatroom.  Jason’s head day trader Luke Murray heads up the chatroom and will provide 10-30 trades per day.  Luke’s trades and this chatroom in general are really tailored to day trading.  You have to be a full time day trader, or have time to watch the room in order to effectively utilize this tool.  That being said, it is not without value, as I’m sure Jason wouldn’t feature it on his site if people weren’t making money working with it!  Our advice is to not chase all trades made in this room, but if you are going to day trade, be patient and wait for the right trade to execute based on what you have learned from the educational suite provided with your membership.

Performance Tracking is Key

One thing that Jason and his team pride themselves on is tracking their trades throughout the year in order to keep records of how their trades have worked out and what percentage profit they have achieved.  With his performance tracking he has laid claim to the following returns over the last few years:

Returns on investment per year of Jason's stock picking service

Possibly the Most Valuable Part:

Last but certainly not least, you get access to Jason bonds full educational suite.  This contains training modules, webinars, and other tools to help you learn his trading philosophy.  You know what they say, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Depending on what you are looking to get out of the service, this could be the most valuable portion of the program.  The ultimate goal of any alerts subscription should be to learn your own profitable trading style so you are not completely reliant on others buy and sell signals.  See below a detailed lesson / breakdown of how Jason approaches swing trading and how he can teach you to improve your trading.

Membership Option Two: The Millionaire Roadmap

Jason’s second program, which will appeal to a much smaller audience due to its high cost of entry, is his “Millionaire Roadmap”.  This program boasts of creating several multi millionaires from people who started with no more than five figures in their trading accounts.  The most famous and highly promoted of these people is Kyle Dennis, who is also now a trader who you can follow with your subscription.  Jason famously gave Kyle a new Porsche when he won the ‘fastest student to turn $10,000 dollars into $1,000,000 dollars” challenge that took place in 2016.

Kyle Dennis won Jason's contest of turning $15000 into $1000000 and was gifted a porsche

Whose Trades Will You See With The Millionaire Roadmap?

Not only will you have access to Jason Bonds’ live trades, but also to those of several other trading professionals handpicked for the subscription.  A quick breakdown of them follows:

  • Jeff Bishop - Owner of TopStockPicks.com, and the man who taught Jason how to trade.  You get live access to Jeff’s options account
  • Kyle Dennis - A former real estate analyst who now trades primarily in biotech, and the winner of a Bonds’ sponsored contest of a race to turn $10,000 into $1,000,000 in 2016
  • Allan Marshall - Founder of XPO Logsitics (NYSE:XPO).  He specializes in finding small cap stocks with large upside potential
  • Petra Hess - A proclaimed life long entrepreneur, she now routinely achieves $1000 dollars a day in profit with her pattern based trading style

Reviews and endorsements from the likes of former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, and from former MLB All Star Jose Canseco speak praises of Jason’s systems and specifically his ability to teach them how to trade.  

With your Millionaire Roadmap subscription, on top of the aforementioned pro traders, you also get access to Jason’s Swing & Long Term Trading.  Access to all of Jason’s webinars, his full suite of dvd courses (valued at $5000), and free entry to any of Jason’s MasterMind Meetups which are held in various major cities across the United States.

To Sum Up:

So which service should you join, if any?  I think there are pro’s and cons associated with each service.  For the swing and long term trades, you get both sides of the investing coin to suit whatever your investing style is.

While you do not have access to all of Jason’s trades, I believe that 10 swing trades and several long term stocks per week is more than enough to satiate even the most active investor who has a full time job.  You also get access to webinars and educational tools.  You get all of this for a very reasonable $399 quarterly fee.  

For the Millionaire Roadmap, I believe you need to be a full time trader to utilize all the tools at your disposal.  Although you get alerts the same as with the swing and long term plan, you also have live access to Jason and multiple other traders.  There is no way to work a day job and take advantage of all the information presented to you on the millionaire road map.  It is an all or nothing program in our opinion.

What Should I Do?  Our Suggestions:

Straight up - The Millionaire Roadmap is too high an upfront cost to incur without past success with Jason.  I’m thinking it, you’re thinking it.

I suggest starting with Jason Bond’s swing and long term trading plan.  Subscribe to his service and then do the following steps, IN ORDER!

  • 1
    Read all of Jason’s books that are supplied with the subscription
  • 2
    Watch all of his educational video lessons provided to get a feel for his trading style
  • 3
    Begin following Jason’s trades with a paper money account
  • 4
    Trade Jason’s swing trades, as well as long term trades to see which method fits your investing style better!  Swing trading has a flashy reputation, but at the end of the day every trader will agree that profits are profits.
  • 5
    Once you have had some success on paper, follow real money trades but don’t always chase them until his sell alerts!  This should give you moderate profits while reducing your exposure to holding the bag during sell offs
  • 6
    Finally, once you are educated on technical trading, and Jason’s system in particular, begin to follow his trades and determine your most profitable path with the wealth of knowledge you have accumulated!

Always exercise caution when buying and selling non liquid stocks, especially when there are potentially hundreds of people waiting for the same alert as you to offload it.  If you thoroughly enjoy the Jason Bond’s Swing and Long Term Trading, then and only then would I seriously consider his Millionaire Roadmap.  I sincerely believe the amount of information thrown at you with the Millionaire Roadmap would require you to be a full time trader in order to see value realized on your initial investment.