What serious investor wouldn’t love stock tips and investing lessons from one of the most successful in the business, Nathan Michaud?

 You will get not only that, but support from one of the most highly rated chat rooms among subscription based services, manned by several pro traders hand picked by Nathan himself!

 In our Investors underground review you will discover that this is the trading resource that you are looking for.  They provide educational material in the form of DVD’s, webinars, and seminars, and boast a highly skilled trading team whose goals are to help you achieve consistent returns from the market.

Chatroom Rating

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Instructor Team

Value & Cost

Overall Rating:

  • Extremely streamlined chatroom with excellent moderator team
  • Three different chat room options to suit your trading style
  • check
    Multiple proven mentors in each chatroom giving you ample opportunities to follow trades and learn from them
  • check
    High quality educational content included in all membership options
  • check
    Nightly watchlist provided that is narrowed down before the opening bell giving members easy to follow information
  • check
    Nightly watchlist provided that is narrowed down before the opening bell giving members easy to follow information
  • No free trial to gain insight into workings of chatrooms

  • Chatroom can be hard to follow at the start as technical jargon is used to help moderators speed up their alerts to chatroom members
  • close
    DVD courses only available with high priced bundles

So Where Did Investors Underground Come From?

 Investors Underground is a website and community that was created by Nathan Michaud.  After beginning trading during college in 2003, Nathan settled on a trading style that became very profitable.  Investors Underground was founded in 2004 (InvestorsLive.com at that point) based on those trading principles and Nathan still continues to fine tune them up to this day.  

 Investors Underground offers two extremely detailed trading courses, and also boast a trading community that currently has over one thousand active members.  Nathan and his team drive the chat rooms by supplying information on their trades and plans for the days.  By following them and learning their methods the members improve their trading knowledge and skills and use them to make consistent profit.

What Is Investors Underground All About?  Read On To Find Out:

As previously discussed in the introduction, Nathan began trading during his college years creating the website InvestorsLive.com.  After starting a blog and a chatroom associated with InvestorsLive, he was eventually approached by Timothy Sykes (Owner of Profit.ly) and in 2012 Nathan became a Guru on the Profit.ly website.  In 2015 due to irreconcilable differences in philosophies, Nathan left Profit.ly to focus on what you see before you now - Investors Underground.  

 Since that time Nathan has grown his service into what I believe is one of if not the best trading chatroom community.  Customers  continuously tweet out their support and successes with the service which can be found on their feedback page.

Several recent reviews on Investors Underground service pulled from twitter

Several members reviews from twitter

What Trading Style Can You Expect From Investors Underground?

 Investors Underground was originally founded on Nathan’s ‘Momentum Trading’.  The service has since grown into three separate specialties:

  • Momentum Trading chat room
  •  Swing Trading chat room
  •  OTC trading chat room.

 I have listed these chatrooms in order from most to least popular.  Before we dive into what each chat room offers, we will discuss in detail the other benefits that come with the service

Trade Recap Video Lessons

 Nathan posts video recaps to give his subscribers insight into what he was thinking during the day and why he excecuted trades the way he did.  These trade recaps are crucial pieces of educational content for aspiring traders looking to integrate Nathan’s trading style into their own practice.  Several free examples of these can be found on the Investors Underground youtube channel, but the daily recaps are only available to members.

Investors Underground Webinars

 The community will put on several webinars monthly for its members.  The webinars are done live, go over recent trading, and have live Q&A as they take place.  Several of the moderators perform the webinars including Nathan, so you get a taste of what everyone’s trading style is.

Video Lesson Library and Trading Courses

 The daily recap videos are archived for members viewing at any time.  On top of this video archive you can also find an extensive library of day trading educational material.  This material covers momentum trading, swing trading, as well as many in depth technical indicators used by the Investors Underground team.

On To The Main Event - The Chat Rooms

Investors Underground Momentum Chat Room

 The Momentum chat room is definitely the most active of the three available on IU.  See our picture below for an example of what it looks in the midst of a typical trading day.

An picture taken from the investors underground momentum chat room showing how trades are proposed and member chatter

As you can see, the chat room is very well laid out, and has a simple but extremely effective user interface.  The left side of the chatroom shows active moderators on the top left, and active members on the bottom left.  

 There are several things to note about the chatroom:

  1. There is no distinction between moderators and members as one might expect.  This can sometimes make it hard to follow the one person you want, however over time you will become adept at this
  2. There is no off topic chat allowed.  If you speak about non stock related topics you will be muted.  When there are hundreds of active members at any time this is a strict but necessary policy
  3. By clicking on the ticker of the stock you are interested in, a drop down menu is created which allows you to see several important piece of information including; the stocks comment history in the IU chatroom, what people are saying on twitter about it, SEC filings and more.
  4. You can also click on individual users to see their trading history for the day.  This is very useful for following moderators and learning their trading styles.
  5. Trading Jargon - don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by this!  Nathan and his moderators have almost developed a language of their own for the sake of speedy updates to followers on trades they are executing.  They have a page dedicated to teaching you what they mean, and if you follow along long enough you will become fluent in the chat room's lingo.

Investors Underground Swing Trading Chat Room

 Tradeonthefly owner and head trader Michele Koenig runs the IU swing chat room.  Keeping true to the definition of swing trading, Michele looks to buy and hold stocks anywhere from a few days to several weeks.  This makes for a slightly less hectic experience as opposed to true day trading.  I think it is great to have Michele running this room as there are advantages to both day and swing trading, and each investor must find out for themselves which style suits them best.

Investors Underground OTC Chat Room

 The third and final chat room focuses on non NYSE and NASDAQ stocks, commonly known as OTC or ‘over the counter’ stocks.  This chatroom focuses on penny stocks and how to cash in on their extreme volatility.  I would reserve my time initially for the first two rooms, and only entering the OTC room once you have an excellent handle on all of Nathan’s offerings and teachings.

Investors Underground Membership Options:

Option One: The Bundles

 The first offers that Investors Underground likes to put forward are its bundles.  These bundles include the beginners textbook trading course, the advanced tandem trader course, and a 1, 3 or 12 month IU Elite subscription.  If you are sold on IU and want to dive headfirst into their program, these are great options.  

The contents of the three bundles offered by investors underground each coupled with a respective length of chat room access

Options Two: Monthly Subscriptions

 Although the bundles do present significant savings (Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader are priced at ~$1000 and ~$1500 respectively), spending over $1000 for a sight unseen product can be a bit daunting.  

 I believe the two courses mentioned above to have tons of value, but my suggestion would be to go with a monthly subscription to test out the IU style, and if you are impressed, then purchase one of the bundles listed above (obviously the 1 year membership is the best value if you plan on subscribing long term).

Comparison of services offered via monthly subscriptions, the standard and elite packages

The Investors Play Bottom Line:

 We at Investors Play believe that signing up for the IU Elite subscription is the best plan of action.  With this you have full access to past weekly trade recap videos and the video lesson library.  While following the IU’s highly skilled moderation team is what the price of admission is for, learning their trading style and what makes them profitable so you are not confined to their watchlist is what your ultimate goal should be.

What Steps Should I Take Now?

 If you agree with our Investors Underground Review that this is an excellent service worthy of your money, here is what we believe your next steps should be.

 Sign up for the Investors Underground Elite monthly service

  1. Begin following Nathan and up to three other Moderators with paper accounts for each separate moderator (following them all would get too hectic)
  2. Track your earnings with each and determine which Moderator your trading style aligns with best
  3. Look to get 1-on-1 mentoring from the Moderator of your choice
  4. At the same time as the above steps, watch all video lesson library content
  5. Go over the weekly trade recap videos from at least the last quarter to get a feel for the state of the market and how the IU team is trading it
  6. Once you have identified the moderator(s) you like best, begin trading real money using their picks and techniques
  7. Last but not least, if you have good success with your IU subscription, at some point in the future consider doing the 1 year bundle in order to save on your monthly subscription and gain access to Textbook Trader and Tandem Trading

 Always exercise caution when buying and selling stocks, especially when there are potentially hundreds of people waiting for the same sell alert as you .  We truly believe that the Investors Underground community is one of the most knowledgeable and consistent trading communities in existence.  Please click below if you are interested in seeing their most recent prices and offerings!